One-time Presentation

This one-time psychoeducational class is a low-level intervention designed for adolescents engaging in (or at risk of engaging in) sexting and boundary-crossing conduct. The course addresses sexting, the law, cyber safety and security, and digital citizenship. The class includes videos, real-life scenarios, and resources.


Full Course

The comprehensive psychoeducational course is for youth engaging in sexting and boundary-crossing conduct, and it’s intended to build positive behaviors and stop all abuse through exploration of and education about relationships, empathy, and the law. Youth will learn a wide variety of specific concepts, definitions, and various tactics to discontinue high-risk behaviors in the future. This interactive curriculum includes real-life scenarios, handouts, homework assignments, and suggested media.

  • Group Therapy (6 – 1.5-hour sessions) or Individual Therapy (9 – 1-hour sessions)