Since word spread about the success rates of Sexting Solutions, various judicial districts have approached me for the curriculum and have structured their own programs based on this model. Area service providers have consistently asked for access to this curriculum.  Now, the Sexting Solutions curriculum is available to you. You can be the solution in your community to this widespread problem.


As a professional counselor, you know that sexting is a problem within your school or greater community. Now you can become a listed Sexting Solutions® provider in your area.

This training is designed for professional counselors, and the following educational requirements are enforced: 

  • Preferred: Completion of a Master’s Level Counseling, Social Work or Psychology Degree
  • Considered: Extensive experience in the social services field including an awareness of mandatory reporting requirements


  • Step by step instruction on how to use the curriculum
  • Sexting Solutions® Trainers’ Guide
  • Access to the Sexting Solutions IntraWeb providing: 
    • Videos for the class 
    • Relevant course material
    • Research and articles related to sexting
  • Access to peer forum for professionals using the curriculum
  • Listing on the database as a Sexting Solutions Provider for your area
  • 10 Sexting Solution 40 pp. copyrighted workbooks for participants (additional workbooks can be purchased)
  • Certificate of completion