We all want to believe that sexting only impacts someone else’s kid, but in the digital age when 95% of teens have access to smartphones, no one is excluded.

Studies show that 1 in 7 teenagers have reported sending texts, and 1 in 4 have reported receiving them. And beyond the many emotional consequences linked to sexting such as anxiety and bullying, 23 states consider sexting amongst minors to be the crime of possession of child pornography placing adolescents at risk of devastating long-term outcomes such as sex offender registry or even sentencing.

The Sexting Solutions Curriculum uses a values-based approach that not only teaches participants how to navigate the challenges they face today, but develop the skills to create a better future.

Sexting Solutions curriculum:

  • Teaches impact: Sexting is always serious, and for a minor, can lead to long-term legal and emotional outcomes.
  • Teaches values. Participants are enabled to make better decisions by aligning their thinking and behaviors to an intrinsic value system.
  • Teaches mindfulness. Through exercises and real-life application, students learn how to avoid long-term legal and emotional consequences by being present and proactive
  • Teaches life skills. Each highly relatable lesson provides memorable tools and tips that can be incorporated into daily life whenever challenges are presented.

To date, 99% of course participants never came to the attention of the DA’s office for recommitting this offense after completing the program. Furthermore, the most frequent comment I hear at the end of the curriculum is:
“I think all teens should take this class.”

Let Sexting Solutions help you.